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Analyzing & Testing
Cargo preservation service
Certification of products
Consulting service


Commodity inspection

Inspection of quality, condition, hygiene.
Weight, quantity inspection.
Sample drawing, testing.
Loading/discharging supervision.
Inspection of loss, safety, origin.
Halal food certification.







Industrial inspection

Quality inspection of machinery, production line 
Quality inspection of vehicle, work-vehicle (including of pre-executing of work)
Inspection of materials, industrial products
Verifying of origin of commodities
Non-destructive test (NDT), welding structure check







Producing, processing supervision

Physical and chemical testing of material
Technological procedure check
Producing supervision
Running inspection
Quality inspection of product







Construction inspection

Site supervision;
Quality inspection;
Inspection and testing of materials, structure, equipment

Giám sát thi công hố móng Nhà máy sữa Cần Thơ
Giám định Trung tâm Hội nghị Quốc gia







Marine survey

Suitability survey, Full condition survey
Damage survey
On-hire/Off-hire survey
Draft survey, ullage survey
Containers condition survey,
Hold cleanliness, water test, hatch sealing
Loading/discharging supervision, lashing survey






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